About Us

The development of a strategic construction management plan is at the heart of Valley Design’s approach to managing any project. This plan defines the role of each team member involved in the construction project based on the needs of the client. The plan also sets up communication protocol between the owner, architect, construction manager, and trade contractor for the design and construction of the project. Several key elements enhance the success of the strategic construction management plan. These are:

Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling

Cost Estimating

Value Engineering

Document Tracking and Financial Controls

Project Supervision

Valley Design will prepare a CPM schedule for the entire project, beginning with the design process and concluding with close-out procedures and the training of the owner’s personnel.

Valley Design uses Phonenix, considered throughout the industry to be the state-of-the-art CPM scheduling software. In the beginning of the project, the owner, architect, and construction manager develop the design activities and milestones of the CPM schedule, taking into consideration the client’s needs, as well as the work involved by the design professionals, to complete a quality set of construction documents.

Valley Design prepares the CPM schedule for the construction operation once the design is substantially complete. This schedule is prepared from historical data from past projects, incorporating manpower production and material quantities from the design cost estimates. We do not wait to incorporate schedule information from trade contractors to develop the full CPM schedule. One of the key elements of our success is the importance we place on providing a complete, realistic and obtainable construction schedule to the contractors at the time of bidding. This practice ensures the accurate conveyance of the owner’s needs and expectations to the contractors.

The CPM schedule is updated on a weekly basis throughout design and construction to properly reflect the current status of the project.

Valley Design will prepare cost estimates during the design of the project. These are prepared after schematic design, design development, and completion of the construction documents. The cost estimates are submitted to the owner and the architect for review to ensure that the project budgets, established early in the project, are being maintained.

Valley Design uses Prime Bid as its standard for cost estimating. This highly advanced database software program enables absolute control over cost estimating.

Valley Design assumes the responsibility of documenting the entire design and construction process. This includes conducting all design and construction progress meetings, which will be held at intervals no less than once a month during the design phase, and no less than once a week during the construction phase.

Valley Design will produce all progress meeting minutes and daily reports documenting all construction activity at the project site. We will prepare as needed, but no less than once a month, a summary report outlining the progress on the project and all aspects of the construction process. This summary will include an updated critical path schedule showing current progress and deviations from the original target; a status report on the shop drawings and submittals for the project; a financial report showing the status of each contractor; and any open cost issues such as change orders, requests for change, or approved changes as they compare to the original budget.

Photographs will also be included to pictorially document the progress of the construction process.

Valley Design will provide full-time project supervision at the project site for the duration of the construction process. The size and complexity of the construction process will determine the size of the construction management staff located at the project site.

Our Mission

Valley Design & Construction, Inc. has an objective to fully satisfy our customers by providing them the utmost quality buildings and services at a cost-effective rate with an on-time delivery. Our first policy to both our customers and our employees is to work with an understanding of honesty, respect, and integrity. We value our customers and our employees and we are dedicated to their success. Continuous improvement coupled with quality control management ensures our goal of keeping our Teamwork philosophy in place, cementing success for all.

Our History

Founded in 1977 in Layton, Utah, Valley Design & Construction, Inc. has been a vital and strong member of the western region’s industry for over 30 years. Owned and operated by the Petersen family, Valley Design & Construction’s goal has always been to provide its clients with the best quality and services available.